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Kingsclere CE Primary School

Happy, confident, successful, responsible children with a lifelong love of learning
"Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do good" (Hebrews 10:24)

As a Church of England school we welcome families of all faiths
Headteacher Mrs Harriet Spencer-Healey
"A Good School with Outstanding features" - Ofsted




School Values

  • Dotty T – In Maths Dotty is developing a positive attitude towards the challenges of “The Grid Method”!
  • Ellie L – Because Ellie has a brilliant PE lesson where she showed excellent resilience and determination when learning how to skip.
  • Darcie R – For not giving up when doing her writing this week even though she finds it tricky, brilliant effort!
  • Chloe R – For trying hard with your writing, you never give up!
  • Jemima W – Jemima has really shown her determination this week with some very challenging problems that involved area and perimeter!
  • Lillie V – Because Lillie is determined to try her best at any task and will happily have another go at something.
  • Teegan P – Even when she finds things tricky she doesn’t give up. Well done Teegan!
  • Kieran B – Kieran always works hard and even though he sometimes finds things tricky, he always works with resilience and he never gives up! Well done.
  • Elizabeth D – for showing resilience in all her learning. Ed never gives up!
  • Jacob Z – Jacob worked very hard to solve a tricky money problem today using his great resilience skills.
  • Toby A – Toby always works excellently both independently and as part of a group. He never gives up and works confidently on his own.
  • Alexis C – Alexis has really shone this week in increasing her independence levels in Maths which was lovely to see!
  • Tom D – Because I was really impressed that Tom chose to write his own Christmas list independently. Well done Tom.
  • Ethan C – Ethan is working with increasing independence and should be pround of what he is achieving.
  • Daniel L – Dan showed a very independent approach to Maths this week and has been challenging himself.
  • Oscar T – Oscar has been working really hard on independently improving his handwriting. Well done Oscar.
  • Stanley D – Stanley has been working hard on developing his independence during problem solving in Maths. Well done!
  • Tyler W – Well done Tyler for your kindness this week. You show love and trust towards your teachers. Thank you Tyler.
  • Byron C – I can always trust Byron to be a kind, hard-working, caring and honest member of Holly class.
  • Ellie – Ellie can be trusted to follow the 6B’s to improve her learning. Well done!
  • Faith D – I can always trust Faith, she always has integrity and makes the right choices.
  • Marshall P – Marshall can be trusted to be kind and loving to all his friends. Thank you Marshall.
  • Jacon H – Jacob can always be trusted to make the right choices and model our Christian values to his peers. Well done!
  • Arya L – Because I can always trust Arya to try her best in everything and that’s why she’s doing so well!
  • Millie P – Millie always stands out as a wonderful role model in Willow class.
  • Lucy J – For always looking after everyone in Ash class.
  • Hannah H – Hannah can always be trusted to be a sensible and hard-working member of Hazel class.
  • Harry E – I can trust that Harry will do his best to help anyone (especially his teacher) with anything.
  • Sophie A – Sophie is an extremely kind member of Beech class and I have seen her comforting others on many occasions.
  • Lilly B – Lilly demonstrated herself to be an excellent school leader this week, demonstrating compassion, love and kindness towards teachers and children.
  • Bethany G – Bethany demonstrated herself to be an excellent school leader this week, demonstrating compassion, love and kindness towards teachers and children.
  • Brogen G – Broden is always smiling at school and shows kindness and love to everyone. Well done and thank you.
  • Joseph C – It is clear that Joseph loves school. He shows compassion and kindness to his classmates and loves to be helpful in any way possible.
  • Jenna L – Jenna is a caring member of Maple and many times puts others before herself.
  • Skye SR –Skye is a very caring and kind member of Oak class. She looks after her friends very well. Well done Skye.
  • Matilda B – For being a caring friend and make sure everyone is ok.
  • Freya C – Freya always shows love towards her classmates and peers. She is a kind and caring member of Holly class.
  • Imogen G – Imogen is a fab member of Hazel class who cares for everyone (even her teachers)! A wonderful role model.
  • Aran A – Because Aran always shows her is a loving friend and uses kind words to his friends.

Christian Values