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Kingsclere CE Primary School

Happy, confident, successful, responsible children with a lifelong love of learning

Headteacher Mr Steve Wells
"A Good School with Outstanding features" - Ofsted




School Values

  • James has had a fantastic week with his learning. He contributes very well in all lessons and works well with his partner.
  • Amelia is a collaborative member of Chestnut class. She definitely has a sense of team spirit and togetherness.
  • Georgia has made a fantastic start to life at Kingsclere School. She has a fantastic attitude to learning and has shown this when working with new friends all week.
  • Vincent for being inspired and dedicated with his partner to create an imaginative story about the theme of remembrance.
  • Freya for always being a kind and supportive friend during group work.
  • Amy is an excellent 'team player'. She always tries hard to help everyone in her group. Well done!
  • Andy for working together with his peers in math to solve problems.
  • Nye for researching the topic of composting and planning and delivering an informative assembly.
  • Rupert for researching the topic of composting and planning and delivering an informative assembly.
  • Coralie for no matter who Coralie is paired with she works beautifully and always encourages others.
  • Arthur for working in a group in PE to improve his hockey skills.

Christian Values

  • Caleb is a kind caring member of Willow Class. He is a good friend to everyone! Well done!
  • Samuel for having a loving and caring nature - Samuel always looks after his teacher and classmates.
  • James M always shows love to children and is very caring.
  • James G for being a loving and caring member of the class and for being able to put a smile on anyones face!
  • Makayla for always being a loving and caring friend.
  • Shannon for always being a thoughtful and helpful member of Hazel Class.
  • Sophie clearly 'loves' coming to school. She works hard throughout the day and sets a fantastic example for the rest of the class.
  • Harry is a kind and loving member of Oak Class. He plays very well with his friends and is a role model to others.
  • Beth any is a truly delightful member of Maple Cass who would do anything for anyone.
  • Hannah always approaches everyone with a loving nature. She is a kind hearted member of Chestnut Class.