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Kingsclere CE Primary School

Happy, confident, successful, responsible children with a lifelong love of learning

Headteacher Mr Steve Wells
"A Good School with Outstanding features" - Ofsted




School Values

  • Olivia has an excellent learning behaviour - she always tries her best and regularly challenges herself.
  • Vincent has been challenging himself to work independently to problem solve in maths.
  • Sophie wrote an amazing nonsense poem using super "invented" words. My favourites were goglybogly = see and noisybly = noise!
  • Finley has been challenging himself to learn to find the difference in maths.
  • Teegan for challenging herself with reading and not giving up.
  • Freyja for always challenging herself and working hard at all times.
  • Simeon for constantly challenging himself to improve his reading - what great progress he's made!
  • Andrew for really pushing himself in Maths this week, furthering his under standing of long division.
  • Thomas for being spotted by his new teacher for making great contributions and trying to show his best skills in his writing.

Christian Values

  • Sommer always shows integrity, she treats others how she would like to be treated and is always kind and honest.
  • Baydon is making a huge effort to show integrity and do the right thing. Well done!
  • Lexie has been working really hard on consistently making the right choices.
  • Mohit for always trying to do the right thing and for being a good supportive friend.
  • Beatrice for always behaving beautifully at all times and setting a good example to others
  • Scarlett for always conducting herself with integrity and always doing the right thing.
  • Maisie for being a superstar this week during the school play. Maisie stepped in for all of the actors who couldn't make it and performed amazingly.
  • Shannon for showing how she can work on her initiative to support the cast of the Year 6 play.
  • Amelia always shows an excellent learning behaviour. She is kind, loyal and always does the right thing. Well done Amelia!