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Kingsclere CE Primary School

Happy, confident, successful, responsible children with a lifelong love of learning

Headteacher Mr Steve Wells




School Values

  • Owen H - trying to develop his independence in his maths
  • Jenna L - always makes a great effort to complete tasks by herself
  • George R - has worked extremely hard on developing his independence in lessons
  • Owen C - for always being aware of his next steps in learning
  • Kenny H - for writing with increasing independence and brilliant ideas in English
  • Thomas D - for demonstrating an independent approach towards his maths work
  • Scott B - for being very proactive and independent in trying to improve the quality of his work
  • Poppie S - working independently during Literacy and producing great work
  • Rosie S - for consistently trying to be independent when working out time intervals
  • Sammy O - working on a challenging problem in maths completely independently

Christian Values

  • Keira S - being an honest and polite member of the class. Keira is always honest about her learning and where she needs to go next
  • Bethany B - Bethany can be trusted to take care of everyone and everything
  • Caden J - always demonstrates our Christian value 'Trust' exceptionally
  • Genevieve J - for being a kind, trustworthy, lovely member of the class
  • Luke S - can be trusted to complete any task he is given
  • Iola W - always being trustworthy and having trust in others
  • William D - always be trusted to follow the golden rules and demonstrate our learning values
  • Samuel D - always trustworthy and can be relied upon to use the honesty cards
  • Rubie-Skye W - being honest when she self assesses her confidence in maths lessons. She is also honest with her friends when playing outside
  • Zack E - consistently tells the truth when something has happened and is an extremely trustworthy member of the class