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Kingsclere CE Primary School

Happy, confident, successful, responsible children with a lifelong love of learning

Headteacher Mr Steve Wells




School Values

  • Ben V - being a super friend and coach in P.E. when another child needed help
  • Mia W - works well in mathematics to support her peer's learning whilst developing her own
  • Abby E - works well in mathematics to support her peer's learning whilst developing her own
  • Tyler A-T - for working together with teachers to help get things ready for lessons
  • Lucy G - for using her natural leadership skills in a positive way to help run a productive and successful enterprise
  • Tiago C - working well in groups and helping others in drama, maths and D.T. Tiago was nominated by is classmates
  • Reece G - worked very well with his guided reading group this week. He discussed his ideas with the group
  • Rupert W - has worked really well in literacy this week and shared his ideas wand writing with his group and class
  • Isobel C - showed excellent collaborative skills when working as a group to order the lifecycle of an owl
  • Jasper C - showed excellent team skills when working with Lillie in English. they both came up with fantastic descriptive language
  • Kieran B - listening to others when working as a team

Christian Values

  • Max B - for being a polite and forgiving friend to everyone in Rowan class
  • Charlotte W - for always having a forgiving nature
  • Henri C - for being amazing, always accepting of other people's behaviour, never complaining and always forgiving
  • Holly S - showing excellent forgiveness today. She was able to settle an disagreement and remain good friends with a member of the class
  • Phoebe F - for showing a forgiving attitude when sorting out a dispute
  • Simeon C - for showing forgiveness to two classmates
  • Kathy B - is always being kind and thoughtful and forgiving when things go wrong
  • Faith D - consistently shows forgiveness towards other children
  • Jemima W - always shows patience and forgiveness to others. She is a good friend to everyone