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Kingsclere CE Primary School

Happy, confident, successful, responsible children with a lifelong love of learning

Headteacher Mr Steve Wells
"A Good School with Outstanding features" - Ofsted




School Values

  • Freddie S - for thinking of others and helping children make a lighthouse after making a super one himself.
  • Phoebe L - Phoebe always works very well with other children. She was a great partner when making her lighthouse. Well done Phoebe!
  • Sophia H - Sophia worked as a great team member when she built her lighthouse. She worked very well with her partner and even tidied up nicely!
  • Zeb M - Zeb works well with others, particularly in Project when finding out why the Romans invaded Britain.
  • Olivia M - always working well with her classmates, teacher and friends. Olivia is a fantastic team player.
  • Tyllye D-D - Tyllye was an excellent role model and mentor for a new member of our school on shuffle up morning.
  • Jude H - for working responsibly with the Year Rs when they joined Year 5 for the day.
  • Byron C - Byron shows great empathy and patience towards his peers during group activities. A great team player! Well done!
  • Poppie S - for taking a mature approach to working as part of a group when the Year Rs joined us.
  • Andy W - for fantastic team work and creativity both in outdoor learning and production.
  • Josh J - for fantastic team work and creativity both in outdoor learning and production.
  • Marshall P - for always being a fantastic team member no matter who you are working with.

Christian Values

  • Tiana A - Tiana has been very kind and forgiving after an upset with friends. She has been very grown up and found some other friends too.
  • Eryn L-D - Eryn consistently demonstrates our Christian Values. She is a superb role model for the whole school. She easily forgives others and moves on. Well done Eryn!
  • Freddie C - Freddie always shows great forgiveness when accidents happen.
  • Esme O - always showing maturity and forgiveness at school and demonstrating a wonderful learning behaviour.
  • Daniel J - Daniel has the perfect attitude to conflict and deals with this in a very mature manner. A great role model.
  • Toby A - Toby has been very mature and patient when resolving minor disagreements during games of football. Well done!
  • Georgia H - for displaying a forgiving nature when solving problems amongst her friendship group.
  • Connor B - for always showing a forgiving nature when issues in his friendship groups arise.
  • Thomas B - for growing in maturity and showing forgiveness towards his friends.
  • Amelie F - for trying hard to develop a forgiving nature when things do not go quite right.