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Kingsclere CE Primary School

Happy, confident, successful, responsible children with a lifelong love of learning

Headteacher Mr Steve Wells
"A Good School with Outstanding features" - Ofsted




School Values

  • Freya D – Freya has worked very hard to improve how much writing she gets done in a lesson even when it is hard. She hasn’t given up and keeps trying. Well done Freya!
  • Dilys P – Dilys has worked super hard with her phonics and was determined to use her new learning in her writing. Well done Dilys.
  • Emma S – for showing a great determination when tackling a tricky problem in Maths.
  • Charlie G – for trying really hard with similes this week and for not giving up when it got tricky.
  • Dara C – Dara has worked particularly hard to settle into life at Kingsclere and is showing how determined he is to be the best he can be. Keep it up!
  • Leo H – Leo has and is still working really hard on the presentation of his writing. Well done!
  • Joanne M – showing resilience within all aspects of life in Holly class, especially when practising her spellings.
  • Harry T – for always trying his hardest and never giving up even when things are tricky.
  • Charlie V – for continuing to try hard when finding things a challenge!

Christian Values

  • Phoebe D – Phoebe is a kind and patient member of Elm class. She has a forgiving nature and is a great friend. Well done Phoebe!
  • Tom M - for his kind, forgiving nature and for being a good friend to everyone!
  • Hannah D – for demonstrating forgiveness, always moving on and with a smile. A mature role model.
  • Esme O – showing forgiveness to other members of the class and setting a kind and thoughtful example to her classmates.
  • Jess B – for being very forgiving towards her friends this week in class.
  • Sommer SR – Sommer has a forgiving nature and treats each day as a new start. A very mature young lady.
  • Faith D – Faith has a very forgiving nature and demonstrates this every day.
  • James S – James has shown a kind, caring and forgiving nature. He is an excellent example to others. Well done James.
  • Chloe S – Chloe has made an excellent start to year 2. She shows the Christian value of forgiveness when she had a disagreement with one of her friends. Well done Chloe for being such a kind member of our school.