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Kingsclere CE Primary School

Happy, confident, successful, responsible children with a lifelong love of learning

Headteacher Mr Steve Wells
"A Good School with Outstanding features" - Ofsted




School Values

  • Florence for showing leadership and teamwork during several science experiments. Florence works brilliantly with all members of class and tries hard for all members to achieve the best outcome possible.
  • Freya shows excellent 'working together' skills when helping other children with their reading during paired reading. Thank you and well done.
  • Phoebe because we have been working together investigating experiements in Science week. Phoebe is always a valued member of her team and is very considerate.
  • Loui will work with anyone within class and has been especially good at explaining his underatanding of fractions to other this week!
  • Issy for editing well with her peers to improve her writing.
  • Joshua for working well with his peers and supporting their learning
  • Olivia was good at taking turns when working in a group and made valuable suggestions.
  • Lincoln works well with all his peers and he makes the effort to support them with their learning.
  • Nina for working together with Skye. You showed fantastic team work and a great friendship.
  • Skye-Indy for working together with Nina. You have blossomed in confidence and developed a great friendship.

Christian Values

  • Ollie has shown forgiveness when other children have not acted in a sensible manner. He has instantly forgiven these children in a mature way and is trying hard to build bridges with all members of class.
  • Jasper is a wonderful member of Willow class who always thinks about the feelings of others. Well done and thank you!
  • Lilly is an extremely forgiving member of Elm Class. She is very understanding when things go wrong.
  • Jack has a naturally forgiving nature and uses this to ensure all conflicts are solved in a mature way.
  • Maddie for always trying her best to resolve conflict and maintain friendships by demonstrating forgiveness.
  • Max has a very forgiving and understanding nature towards his peers and those around him.
  • William for being understanding and forgiving when others forget how to behave.
  • Lucy for always displaying an understanding attitude towards others.
  • Miles for trying hard to solving his own problems and developing a forgiving nature.