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Kingsclere CE Primary School

Happy, confident, successful, responsible children with a lifelong love of learning

Headteacher Mr Steve Wells
"A Good School with Outstanding features" - Ofsted




School Values

  • Amy S – Amy has worked very hard to understand how to recognise arrays. She found it tricky at first but kept trying! Great resilience!
  • Milan S – Milan has shown curiosity all week and even all term when learning about the Stone Age. He has particularly enjoyed learning about Mammoths!
  • Freddie S – for always asking a lot of questions and always wanting to know more!
  • Zack E – for showing a great interest throughout our Stargazers topic. He has impressed me with his knowledge and interesting facts!
  • Sasha H – for always wanting to find out more about topics and develop her own learning.
  • Isaac H – Isaac demonstrates excellent curiosity skills by asking brilliant questions when he is learning new things, well done!
  • Lucas C – Lucas is always showing curiosity for the world around him and is great at asking fantastic questions.
  • Harriet B – Harriet is always curious about her learning. Thinking carefully for new ideas and how to challenge herself.
  • Anvith G – for showing great curiosity in phonics. Well done for trying to move your own learning on.
  • Isaac J – Isaac uses his curiosity skills to find out about different materials and their properties.
  • Freddie C – Freddie showed curiosity when designing and making his Stone Age tool this week.

Christian Values

  • Jacob H – for being a trustworthy member of Willow class. Jacob can be trusted to follow the golden rules at all times.
  • Freyja I – I can always trust Freyja to be an honest and kid member of Holly class. She always sets a great example.
  • Vincent G – I can trust that Vincent will work hard and do his best in all subjects.
  • Alyssia CB – For always being trusted to work hard, support others and set a great example.
  • Rhys S – I can always trust Rhys to use his cheerful nature to encourage other children in class.
  • Kyla W – Kyla has shown great integrity this week. She is always a good friend and puts a lot of effort into her work. Well done Kyla!
  • Dylan S – for always trusting that Dylan will do the right thing. Amazing learning behaviours!
  • Betsy E - Betsy can always be trusted to do everything she has been asked to do. She is an excellent example to others.
  • Billy R – for beginning to build and develop trust for his learning behaviours. What an improvement!
  • Freya M – Freya is an excellent role model who can always be trusted to make the right choices. Well done and thank you!