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Kingsclere CE Primary School

Happy, confident, successful, responsible children with a lifelong love of learning

Headteacher Mr Steve Wells
"A Good School with Outstanding features" - Ofsted

Our Governors

Here are the details of our current governors.

NameCategoryAppointed ByTerm Of Office (no. of years & end date) N.B. Since the reconstitution in 2014Committee membershipResponsibilitiesVoting Rights (if Associate Member)
Stephen WellsHeadteacherEx officio2Not applicableFinance & ResourcesHeadteacherYes
Tracey StrattonLocal AuthorityLocal Authority230/09/2020Finance & ResourcesChair, Safer RecruitmentYes
Susan WatsonCo-optedFull Governing Body213/07/2018Finance & ResourcesVice Chair, Chair of Finance & Resources Committee, Safer Recruitment and Training LiaisonYes
Phil AuldCo-optedFull Governing Body209/12/2018Finance & ResourcesYes
Katie DinmoreCo-optedFull Governing Body209/12/2018CurriculumYes
Tim HargreavesParentParents217/07/2020CurriculumYes
Helen JonasParentParent221/07/2018Finance & ResourcesSafer RecruitmentYes
John LiddeattFoundationDiocese230/09/2017CurriculumYes
Trevor PitmanCo-optedFull Governing Body213/07/2018Finance & ResourcesForum RepresentativeYes
Rev. Benjamin ReadFoundationEx officio0Not applicableTo be determinedYes
Nicola WallaceStaffStaff107/07/2019CurriculumYes
Derek WilesCo-optedFull Governing Body130/03/2019Curriculum and when required by Finance & ResourcesYes
Charlotte Williams Foundation Diocese 0 08/02/2021 To be determined   Yes
Ben White Co-opted Full Governing Body 0 08/02/2021 To be determined   Yes
Harriet Spencer-HealeyObserverNot applicable2Not applicableCurriculumDeputy HeadNo
Jayne TolhurstClerkSchool2Not applicableClerk to all committees, FGB and Data GroupClerkNo

Governor's hold the school to account in many ways to ensure your child reaches their full potential.

First of all we ask the children what they think. We have just completed our second full year (July 2014) of pupil conferencing asking the children very stretching questions about school life and it has given us some excellent focus points from the children's point of view. We also ask questions like - how do you know you are doing well? , how do you know what you need to do to get better? We have decided this year. From this process we produce a challenge list of questions for the Head Teacher to answer and report back to the FGB on actions taken. Just to make sure the children are seeing the benefit we conference them again in the same academic year to look for improvements and follow though on actions. We hope to publish the first set of data in the Autumn term and we sample approx. 20-25% of each year group.

Next we hold the Head Teacher to account by reviewing every term the progress rates of all children at year group level, and also monitoring children to check if they are reaching age expected attainment. This is completed by a data team who meet each term with the Head teacher. We ask questions like - has every child in the subject made progress? if not what is being done to move this child forward? We also ask what is being done to move forward children who are below age related expectations but making progress. We also set ourselves the target of being in the top 25% of school nationally so we ensure children are stretched. We also monitor Boys compared to Girls to ensure our curriculum is balanced and any children with special needs are met. We also evaluate intervention strategies to support children with moving forward. We track termly trends to ensure progress is on track.

Then we ask governors to perform specific roles, normally linked to a Subject leader to meet with that leader (teacher) so that we ensure what the Head Teacher is telling us is what happened operationally. This also gives Governors a great insight to resource needs and helps with our planning and challenge for resources and development and build relationships with the school team.

Finally, we pay for an education advisor from Hampshire to come and observe our teaching and validate our academic priorities. We want to ensure that our understanding of our school is validated by an external fresh set of eyes, at least three times a year. This gives the leadership team again a professional challenge. As Governors we also attend professional development to ensure our knowledge is in line with policy and best practise.

We are lucky enough to share with the children excursions, open days, assemblies, time in class and just being stopped in school to be told of an achievement whilst we are in reviewing policies and carrying out our roles, being a Governor is a privilege at KPS. Governors are on the playground each day and should you wish to speak with a member of the team please ask at reception and an appointment can be made.

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