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Kingsclere CE Primary School

Happy, confident, successful, responsible children with a lifelong love of learning

Headteacher Mr Steve Wells
"A Good School with Outstanding features" - Ofsted

Governors Annual Statement and Impact Report 2013 – 2014

School Improvement Plan (SIP)

Governors work co-operatively with the head teacher and senior management in the writing and monitoring of the School Improvement Plan (SIP). The SIP details aims for the forthcoming three years. The current SIP is based on priorities identified from data, school self-evaluation and Ofsted priorities. The SIP lays out clear strategies and tasks, details who is responsible for carrying these out and the resources required. Monitoring procedures and tasks for the governing body are also included.

The current priorities of the SIP are as follows:

Priority 1

Achievement of pupils in Key Stage 1.

Priority 2

Ensure that the quality of Teaching and Learning in Key Stage 1 and Early Years Foundation Stage is consistently good or better.

Priority 3

Spelling, grammar and punctuation for the whole school and in particular SEN boys and all Pupil Premium.

Priority 4

Developing problem solving skills and an investigative approach in the new National Curriculum for Mathematics.

Priority 5

Provision for Early Years children is at least good and ensures that activities are purposeful and focused.

Priority 6

Improving distributed leadership across the school so that middle leaders and subject managers have a clear impact on teaching, learning and raising standards.

Governor visits

The governors visit the school as part of their monitoring of the SIP and specific issues. These visits are considered a valuable opportunity for governors to work closely with staff members. In addition, subject governors both monitor and review activities undertaken by subject/phase leaders who follow an agreed code of practice.

The development of twice yearly pupil conferencing across all year groups by governors ensures children's learning and development links to both current school policies and practice.

Governors regularly attend school open evenings, assemblies, parent forums, presentations and information evenings including sports and musical events in order to engage with parents and seek their feedback. Furthermore, they actively seek opportunities for our children to be ambassadors for the school both within our community and further afield.

Data analysis

All governors have received training in Monitoring and Evaluation, Closing the Gap, Understanding School Data and the Fisher Family Trust Dashboard via the Local Education Authority in the past twelve months.

Data is made available to governors through termly meetings with verbal and written presentations followed by question and answer sessions with the head teacher and members of the senior management team. In addition to this process, a data group meet termly to scrutinise data from all year groups in order to heighten their awareness of focus groups and vulnerable areas, whilst maintaining governor knowledge.

Further to the reports provided by the LEA, the governors seek to gain external verification of data through independently commissioned OFSTED inspections and consultants in areas of specialism specific to our needs such as EYFS.


Governors review all relevant policies on a scheduled basis to ensure that all guidance is current, relevant and up to date. Specific attention is paid to ensure that the school complies with the Department of Education mandatory policy list.

Staff recruitment

The head teacher, deputy and a number of governors are trained in Safer Recruitment.

Governors are involved in the recruitment and selection of all teaching staff and use the appointment process to ensure that high quality staff, who share the schools mission statement and aims, are appointed.

Financial management

The governing body has been trained in School Finance management.

The governors work with school staff to achieve 'The Schools Financial Value Standard and Assurance' (SFVS) on an annual basis.

The impact of the governors’ role in the school ensures that the budget is well managed and improvements are effective and continuous. Budgets are monitored on a three to five year basis.

The impact of governor expertise on school improvement includes involvement in the provision of ICT throughout the school and the re-negotiation of existing procurement contracts with improved terms for the school.

Allocating funding:

  • Improved professional and personal development for both staff and governors
  • Additional high level administrative support
  • To release the deputy head from 100% class responsibility to provide professional development and continuous curriculum development across the school.

Governor Meeting Attendance

There have been six full governing body meetings for the year 2013 – 2014.

Attendance has been addressed and the new constitution has been changed to ensure that governor attendance is required at every meeting of the full governing body.

Governor Training

The governors continue to subscribe to full membership of the LEA supplied governing training package as a commitment to unlimited professional development.

Governor Development Plan

Under the terms of the new constitution the governors seek to appoint a health and safety specialist, a legal specialist and IT and marketing specialists to further strengthen the infrastructure of the school.

Impact statement

Impact is seen through the triangulation of evidence from data, rigour and challenge evidence from pupil conferencing and the execution of the action plans that are made as a result.

Future and Continuous improvement

  • The Governors wish to develop quality teaching with an exciting curriculum that reinforces our Christian beliefs and learning behaviours.
  • Governors aim to develop the school grounds to become a more exciting and challenging environment for our children.
  • We wish to develop the library facilities and building capacity and are working closely with the LEA in light of the projected increase in numbers expected over the next four years.
  • We remain outward looking and plan to develop greater links with our pre-school and all secondary feeders to provide greater continuity and transition for all children.
  • The Governors wish to help develop the school further by becoming a Teaching School and leading best practice as both areas have been endorsed by the LEA.
  • Following the success of the newly launched website with links to social media, efforts to further engage with parents continue with the recent launch of the online learning journal available for EYFS. Future plans include the use of multi-media in short video links rather than text on the school website.
  • Governors continue to explore ways of maintaining and extending their links with the Church, councils, Friends of Kingsclere School and all local state and independent schools.